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Uflourish Foods is a Cork based business, where our passion is all things that support digestive wellbeing!!! A healthier gut leads to a healthier immune system, better heart health, brain health, effective digestion, and better sleep. It also contributes to better mental health, improved mood, and better memory. 

Our online store is your one stop shop for all your digestive wellbeing Foods and Supplements requirements. We supply a fantastic range of Gut Health supporting products such as Probiotics, Prebiotic Fibre, Low Fodmap Foods, Allergen Free, Immune Support & Defence and Fermented Foods. 

So start your journey here today on supporting YOUR GUT HEALTH and start loving yourself from the inside out!!! 

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Nourish Your Gut


There are around 40 trillion bacteria in your body, most of which are found in your gut. Collectively, they are known as your gut microbiome, and they’re incredibly important for overall health. So when we take care of the good bacteria, we’re also taking care of our health!


The lining of your gut is designed to allow nutrients, amino acids, proteins and minerals to be absorbed into your body. If this cellular lining is compromised, then your body will not be making the most of the good stuff you are putting into it.


A healthy gut should also eliminate toxins and waste products from entering your body, helping you to feel good. However, if the gut has been compromised by poor diet, antibiotics, drugs, alcohol, etc. toxins can enter the bloodstream and chronic inflammation of the intestinal tracts can develop.


We know that the hormone serotonin, released by the brain, helps to modulate mood, but did you know that your gut can release it too? In fact, the majority of your body’s serotonin originates in the gut! This is partly why the gut is sometimes referred to as ‘the second brain’.